Loyalty Day


Today – May 1st – is Loyalty Day. Never heard of it? Well, I don’t blame you; a lot of people have tuned out much of what the new President has had to say so you might have missed it.

Last week, the POTUS declared that today would be a national holiday to allow people to express their loyalty. Well, it’s not exactly a holiday. As near as I can tell, no one gets to take any time off – except perhaps Mr. Trump himself. Golfing, anyone? And it’s not exactly new — it’s been around, in its current form, since 1955. But this POTUS seems to have emphasized it a bit more than most.

And, of course, the real question is – loyalty to what, or more pointedly, to whom? Surely the President is not calling on the public to be loyal to him. Given he works for the citizens, that would be like saying the employer should be loyal to their workers – hardly in keeping with Donald’s treatment of those who have worked for him.

Some have taken it to mean, people should be loyal to the Constitution and have called on Congress to exercise their constitutional duties and impeach the president. I’m not sure Mr. Trump has done anything that deserves impeachment (yet) but mostly because his first 100 days has been filled with bluster and incompetence. True, he did get a Supreme Court justice appointed (and may have broken the Senate to do so) and we may regret that for years to come – but the rest? No change to the Affordable Health Care Act, no cuts to the public service, no wall on the Mexican border. He hasn’t even changed the libel laws.

Oh, he has done damage enough – a few of his Executive Orders actually mean something – but it’s pretty thin gruel so far.

The thing that strikes me is the choice of May 1st as Loyalty Day – in most places in the world it is International Labour Day, a day when billionaires and their lackeys should be looking over their shoulders for mobs carrying pitchforks and pushing tumbrels towards the guillotine. And maybe that’s what this – a desperate cry for help before the mob carries him off.

But in the meantime he can still claim to have broken the record for attendance at his Philadelphia rally – despite the eyewitness accounts and photos – and feel that at least some people are still loyal to him (despite the ever falling approval ratings).

Well, Donald, no one ever said being the President would be easy – that was just the voices in your head.

And that is ten minutes – back for a second run.


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