A Final Pitch


There’s only twenty nine hours (and counting down at a regular pace) to fund our Bundoran Press Anthology, Lazarus Risen. You can find the Indiegogo page here.

Thanks to the generous support of a wide range of people — including some regular readers of 10 Minutes of Words — we’ve reached the point where we can pay writers 3.5 cents a word. For a five thousand word story, that’s about $175, not bad but I’d like to do better.

Writers struggle to make any kind of a living from their work. Even another $25 or $50 for a short story can make a real difference. So if you like science fiction, why not pop over and give us a look? Even a $10 donation gets you a copy of the e-book; $25 gets you the e-book and a print book.

Give a bit more and there are some other great perks — including some critiques by some well-published writers. Even if you don’t write yourself, you probably know people who do and those critques — solid writing advice — make great Christmas gifts.

So that’s less than ten minutes — why not use the remaining time to go make a donation? And you could share this blog and the Indiegogo page around while you’re at it.


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