Dreams and Schemes


Whenever I come home from a great holiday, I feel rejuvenated. I’m tired – three nights up past 1 a.m. and rising early the next day will do that to you – but I’m also energized. I am filled with dreams and schemes.

I won’t go into details as to how much fun the last month has been with visits with family and friends and birthday celebrations times two. The weather was fine and the sights and sounds were both familiar and novel. The perfect mix of remembrances, present pleasures and future possibilities.

The final weekend was spent at When Words Collide and everything went according to plan. That is to say, I had no particular plan so everything worked out just fine. Book sales exceeded my minimum needs and almost reached my optimistic goal – pretty good given we didn’t have a book launch.

I was also pleased and a little bit humbled by the number of people – especially colleagues in the publishing industry — who said what a good job we were doing at Bundoran Press. A few others even told me how much they liked my writing. It was nice to reconnect with friends and, as the cliché goes, discover friends we hadn’t previously met. The panels were invigorating – lively, occasionally contentious but never impolite. Turnouts were good even at the last panels on Sunday afternoon. The WWC audience is fantastic and very book oriented.

Now I am back home with all kinds of ideas for writing and editing and publishing and filled with energy (despite the sleep deprivation) and ambition. Sometimes these dreams and schemes fade away in the harsh reality of daily living and the grind of work. But other times I’ve found the inspiration remains – enough to drive me forward to the next great adventure.

I’ve always said that there are certain kinds of work that takes it out of you – leaves you feeling drained and depressed or, at the very least, good for nothing but sitting in front of the TV watching not very good programs with a glass of wine clutched in your hand.

But there is other work that leaves you with fire in your belly and the nagging feeling that there must be a few hours in the day still waiting to be filled with creativity and excitement.

That’s how I feel today – full of big ideas and expectation for fresh accomplishments. Will it last? Who can say? All I know is that I intend to ride the wave until I reach the far shore. And who knows what I’ll discover there?

And that’s ten minutes.


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