Casual Racism


The second of The Best of Ten Minutes, the 9th most read post first appeared on May 10th, 2015.

10 Minutes of Words

I have a black friend who is constantly being asked the question: where are you from? Ron (not his real name) always answers Toronto, where he has lived for twenty years. The questioner will often say: Yes, but I mean, before that? At which point, Ron will say: Oh, you noticed the remnants of my accent. While they are nodding, he will say, Yeah, I grew up in Nova Scotia.

I, too, am from Nova Scotia, but nobody ever asks me where I ‘really’ came from. Well, unless I say the word ‘aunt.’ Then they know I’m from down east. Ron’s family came to Canada as United Empire Loyalists so I guess his proper answer should be: I grew up in Nova Scotia, but my family came from….<pause> …the United States. His family came to Nova Scotia only a few years after mine (from Yorkshire in England).

This is one…

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