Today’s ten minutes stands in for one of those cute Google animations, marking a significant event in history. Nothing dramatic like the the building of the Berlin Wall which happened this day in 1948 or as fascinating as the (re)discovery of Machu Pichu in 1911, but significant to me nonetheless. Today is the 365th consecutive day I have written this little blog. So while, technically, it has its anniversary tomorrow – we’ll be celebrating it today.

For those who weren’t here at the beginning, my stated purpose when I started was to use this as a kick-starter to get me into the work day. Was it helpful? Hard to say – I’ve produced very little original fiction since starting this exercise but my work as a publisher had long ago cut into my writing time. I have found that I am more task oriented. Starting the day with a deadline does serve to focus the mind and I like to think that writing this blog each day has helped me balance my day job on Parliament Hill with my work at Bundoran Press, my writing life and my personal ambitions.

It has also helped me on a personal level. I’ve blogged about the impact of terrorism on my life – and why I refuse to be afraid of nearly absent bogeymen. I’ve expressed my grief over the loss of personal icons and have pronounced my views on politics, religion, art, writing, memory, science and a host of other topics, serious and mundane. I like to think I’ve entertained my readers and occasionally made them think or at least snort in disagreement. While most of the feedback I’ve received has been positive – occasionally I’ve had a few suggest I should keep my opinions to myself. As if that would ever happen.

I’ve never really been able to guess what will catch people’s attention, what will make my normal daily readership double on even increase tenfold. These things have happened but why? Who can say? Well, dear reader, you could say. Which is why I’ll be taking a brief break from daily blogging. But I won’t be going away. Each day for the next twenty days I’ll be posting the Best of 10 minutes. Among the reposts will be the ten most read blogs followed by the ten that I thought deserved greater attention. Perhaps, if you’re so inclined, you could leave a comment or two and tell me why you think those first ten succeeded and why the second ten did not manage to catch your attention.

I’ll try to use that feedback to hone my blogging skills, so that when ten minutes returns in 3 weeks, I’ll be able to deliver more and better content for my reading public.

And that’s ten minutes.


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