Lightening Up


My horoscope today told me to lighten up and take it easy. Apparently big changes are coming and I need to relax and conserve my energy in advance of the demands this will bring. Probably good advice. See. This is me smiling and, yes, dancing around the room blowing bubbles. Light enough for you?

Seriously though I am a bit winded. Bad knee is on the mend just in time for me to come down with the virus that has kept my wife under the weather for two weeks. Sorry. Forgot. What does not kill me makes me stronger – written on a blackboard like Bart Simpson, such mantras are bound to make me feel better.

Still, it is hard to supress the constant outrage. This morning as I listened to The House – a show about Canadian politics – I heard James Moore explain he is leaving politics to take care of his young son, recently diagnosed with a serious illness. His reasons were apt but despite the appeal of his personal story he couldn’t help being partisan. He claimed that Stephen Harper quite understands because in 1996 he left politics for a while because he had a young family. Harper left politics because he had a big fight with then Reform party leader Preston Manning over who would control the right wing agenda. Mr. Moore, at 39, may be too young to remember the facts or too stupid to think others might but… Sorry. See lightening up can be a real chore when you pay attention to things.

So, let’s think more pleasant thoughts. The House of Commons has risen for the summer, signifying that Festival season has begun in Ottawa. Really, this is a party town. This weekend alone we have The Jazz Festival, The Fringe Festival and something called the Glow Festival – which until yesterday when they shut down traffic on Bank street, I had never heard of. And of course it is also Father’s Day and National Aboriginal Day.

That’s nice. We took their land and tried to destroy their culture but at least we gave them a day. It’s a start I suppose. Meanwhile in Calgary they are going to change the name of a bridge as a symbol of reconciliation. Folks – reconciliation is not achieved with symbols. Until we seriously address the damage caused by centuries of colonial oppression and actually allow Aboriginal people an economy and control over the basic decisions of their lives, they… sorry. Injustice always makes it hard to be light hearted.

Maybe I should think of other things, other countries. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece –I wonder if it will be cheaper after they are forced out of Europe…

The USA is beautiful at this time of year. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Good thing too. They’ll need them for funerals caused by racist gunmen… I mean, there must be a solution to all this heavy heartedness – a better one than arming everyone as proposed by the old sad white men of the NRA who cling to their guns the exact same way 4-year olds cling to their security blankets while… Happy thoughts!

Yes. Happy thoughts. I do have them. Maybe I’ll even be able to express them tomorrow.

But that’s ten minutes.


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