Debauchery certainly isn’t what it used to be — not for me anyway. Yesterday was day two of my four day birthday weekend as I make my transition from my fifties to my sixties. Perhaps night one should have been a clue — there was no dancing, no music, just way too much cake, competition for the most comfortable chair, good conversation, the end of a hockey game and wine spilled on my sweater. No one got naked. Which may not have been all bad.

Day two started out in stellar fashion by being an hour late to my birthday lunch. Not entirely my fault — apparently I missed the confirmation e-mail that firmly established the arrival time at 11:30 rather than noon. That was my fault? Okay. So it was a little my fault. The other 30 minutes. Umm, well, twenty were because I got a late start to the day and the other ten was because of an ugly but fortunately non-fatal accident we came across while on our way to the party.

In any case they couldn’t very well start my party without me, could they? Except they did, sort of. Half the hors d’oeuvres were already eaten and one of the wine bottles was suspiciously low. But at least they saved the bubbly for my arrival.

It was nice too. Whereas on Friday I was almost the oldest person there, here I was the youngest of ten guests. Which I guess is why it was a birthday lunch rather than supper.

After I hung out with my very good friends. Liz and Phyl went for a walk in the woods while Mike and I fought off naps with a vigorous discussion of the merits of American versus British and French enlightenment thinkers. I believe we also talked about Homer and Thucydides. Cause that’s the way we roll on my birthday.

Later we had more food and a lot more wine while watching baseball. You can’t risk too much excitement when you’re turning sixty. Again nobody got naked although they do have a hot tub so it was always a possibility.

Eventually we had a lively debate over the proper place of humour in conversations and whether the telling of jokes was a clear sign the party was over. Unfortunately I had to go to bed before we settled the matter.

So this explains why I’m so late posting my 10 minutes today. I had to wake up and drink coffee and eventually drive home. Which was exciting. There was leftover bubbly in the trunk and just as we were pulling into the underground parking it blew its cork. It sounded like a gun going off in the car or a brick dropping on it. Can anyone say heart attack?

The good news is I still have another day and a half to rev up the fun. There is still a chance someone will get naked. We can only live in expectation.

But that’s ten minutes.


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