The Apocalypse


Apparently, one of the first things ISIL does when it takes over a town is set up government services: education (of a sort), medical clinics (specializing in burn treatments I would imagine), welfare systems. This is all part of their efforts to establish a new caliphate – a government based on their own odd religious beliefs. All well and good, I suppose, civic duty and all that.

But one of the core beliefs they espouse is the coming Apocalypse which they intend to play a major role in. But you have to wonder how committed a bureaucrat will be to his work if he is contemplating the ‘end of days.’ I mean really, what is the point of setting up an efficient clinic if you are just biding your time until, well, time ends?

Of course, it’s easy enough to dismiss a bunch of vandals who commit atrocities as serious candidates for an “Award for Good Government,” but you have to wonder about any politician who ascribes to the idea that the second coming (of whomever) is imminent and that all focus should be on the upcoming winnowing of souls. I certainly would have a hard time voting for a guy who argued that I shouldn’t worry about deficits because God will sort it all out and, in any case, I’m not likely to live long enough to see my grandchildren burdened by my profligate spending.

In the United States where politicians wear their religion on their sleeve, it is fairly easy to identify these ‘end of days’ folks — though strangely, people still vote for them despite their obvious desire to not really do their jobs in advance of the destruction of the world. It is even more troubling when people vote for those who see their role as somehow advancing the end times by, say, promoting nuclear war in the middle east.

In Canada, we are a little more coy about our religious beliefs. It’s the Canadian way, a combination of politeness, shyness, and a desire to really not know what goes on in politician’s private lives (I mean, who would want to know what some of them do in the privacy of their bedrooms let alone churches). After all, we had a Prime Minister who attended séances and consulted his dead mother (and dog) on public policy. He worked out fine.

Still, I am a little concerned when I hear that some of our leaders think that the Apocalypse is right around the corner. It’s not that I care what superstitions people hold near and dear — I’m a pretty tolerant fellow — but I have to wonder about the continuing work ethic of those, like our current glorious leader, who belong to churches that preach odd views, including the end times. I know he’s a workaholic and all that — but is he working for the best interests of the future? Is he working for the good of my grandchildren?

Inquiring minds want to know.

But that’s ten minutes.


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