It seems the world carried on without me as I enjoyed the surf and the sun (not to mention the rum) of Cuba. More shootings by lone wolf gunmen in Europe (referred to by some as terrorists because of their religion and skin colour). Meanwhile, three nihilists (which by the way is a philosophy/ideology last I looked) in Halifax are merely ‘murderous misfits‘ according to the Justice Minister despite their plans to carry out suicide-murder attacks. Everyone knows white Nova Scotians couldn’t possibly be terrorists. There are no votes in calling them such.

In the meantime, Albertans — flush with cash — lost over $300 million in a Ponzi scheme, largely because they simply weren’t rich enough. Didn’t they read their Bible? The part where greed is a sin and is punished as such. The money is gone and some retirements are ruined. But somehow — having seen the proud struggle of Cubans to live on $20 a month — I feel little sympathy.

Remember if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Guess you should be satisfied with enough as opposed to always needing more. Is that cruel of me?

Speaking of cruel — going from +25C to -25C in a single day is pretty cruel itself. First world problem? I think you nailed it.

Back to work in a few minutes after a whole week of doing nothing more productive than reading books, writing ten minute blogs and walking on the beach. The latter was probably the most productive of all. It cleared my mind — let me build up a little shield so I can listen to stories on the radio about people imprisoned in southern municipalities for non-payment of fines. Poor people have to be squeezed of their last few dollars so rich slugs don’t have to pay taxes. Every day I don’t visit the US of A makes me more determined to likely never visit again. Too many other places to see.

If only I could visit them without other tourists. Honestly, there were days in Cuba when if I heard one more complaint about the service (slow but amazingly friendly and eager) or the food — which was excellent and endless — or even the weather: 24 degrees isn’t warm enough (it’s not snowing, moron), I would have slapped someone.

Anyone who thinks Canadians are less ugly than Americans when they travel hasn’t been paying attention.

But for all that, most people were nice and just happy to be singing and laughing and having a good time (until 4 in the morning most days — but fortunately our room was well soundproofed).

No big revelations today — just random observations as I make the not so gentle transition from vacation from the world to the endless pounding of misery and sorrow that we seem to like to serve ourselves. I prefer the pounding of the surf on my poor old body.

So as the philosopher says: Don’t worry, be happy.

And that’s ten minutes (Canadian Time)


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