There is nothing special about virginity. Everyone was a virgin once. Some people, apparently, more than once. Rob Anders, the doltish soon-to-be former MP, always claimed he was saving himself for marriage. Frankly, looking at Mr. Anders, he should have made wiser investments.

Still, some people seem to put inordinate value in the state of virginity. Suicide bombers and other terrorist martyrs are promised a specified number of virgins when they get to heaven. 72 seems like a lot but really a young vigorous fellow could go through those in a month or two. And then what do you have? Frankly I’d rather be promised a half dozen experienced older women who might appreciate an eager young man romping around paradise. An argument for quality over quantity, perhaps, though I might make a stronger argument for skipping it altogether. Particularly since I don’t think forcing women to do anything – even under God’s orders — is particularly attractive.

In any case what do female martyrs get? Seventy two pimple faced boys? Really who could possibly want that? Male virginity, Mr, Anders aside, is pretty much an unproveable quality or perhaps indefinable (does it include masturbation?). All you really have is the guy’s word for it. So yeah, it doesn’t exist (unless other people have made the decision for him).

Of course it is not much more provable in young women, despite the claims of some who are prepared to examine them medically to prove it. The hymen is a delicate flower that is easily plucked — isn’t that the expression? But it can be as readily plucked from vigorous athletics, bicycle riding, or quite often simply by day to day living. Methinks the doctors often tell little white lies to make their clients’ families happy.

Because they often know the consequences of a false negative. In some cultures it can be devastating or even deadly to be accused as a girl of not being a virgin. Surely, only an evil person would bring that punishment down on someone. Unless the loss of virginity leads to pregnancy or disease, what difference does it make anyway? And even those results are not a matter of punishment but of care.

Still it seems to matter plenty to some, if we are to believe those fathers who take their daughters to purity dances and require them to pledge their virginity to dear old dad. I mean, even for a non-Freudian like me, that just seems wrong and unnatural. Yet they — the Dads — defend it as the most natural thing in the world. And why is that?

Because like everything else that calls on men to pronounce on the value of women’s bodies it comes from the desire to own them, objectify them, enslave them.

Yeah, virginity, yet another tool of the patriarchy to reduce women to possessions and to keep them children all their lives.

Not sure where to go from there but fortunately,

That’s ten minutes.

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